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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need a lot of money to get started in archery/bowhunting?
Answer: Not at all.  We always have used bows and our prices on accessories are tough to beat.  We can work with any budget.

Question: How do I know my bow will be fixed right if I bring it to Straight Arrow for service?
Answer: We have bow technicians available that have over 30 years of experience fixing and tuning compound bows.  There is nothing that we cannot remedy.

Question: With so many different bow lines and models available, how can I be sure that I select the right one?
Answer: That is all part of the service at SAA that you do not get ANYWHERE else.  Our sales team can seamlessly match bows with prospective owners based on personality, price, build, performance, age, skills, and temperament.  This is not a "bow in a box" outfit.  We even have indoor lanes right beneath the pro shop that you can try out bows or other equipment like releases BEFORE you buy to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase before you even leave the premises.  That's the Straight Arrow difference.

Question: What are the payment options offered at Straight Arrow Archery?
Answer: We take all major credit cards, personal checks, cash and do offer payment plans.  We go out of our way to accommodate any budget and any time frame.

Question: What if I want something specific that you do not carry at the shop?
Answer: We can special order any item that you may find out there.  So if you see it on the internet and have to have it, we can get it 99% of the time and usually cheaper too! Just ask.